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The Hawes Trail System offers some of Arizona's best trails for hiking, running, and mountain biking. The Hawes Trail Alliance formed together to keep this beautiful place fun, safe, and open. So Far we have Heped the trail system Grow and we have much more in the works!

Total Approved 25.2
Total Social 12.8
Total Proposed 16.7
Total Hawes Trail System Miles 54.7

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We are constantly looking for Volunteers to help maintain and Build new trails. We have big plans for the future, so we need your help!

As a volunteer every hour you spend with us, the National Forrest Service is credited Money to further our cause!

We are a 501c4 Non-Profit Trail Alliance. We accept paypal and Checks. We are working to fund our new trail heads and trail approval process!

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Nobody in The Hawes Trail Alliance is Paid for Their Work - We are all Volunteers!

Likewise, as you explore this website you will find that we are all volunteers. However, we love the Hawes Trail System we sometimes act like we get paid. Most of us use these trails more than once a week, therefore, they are a big part of our life. We want you to learn more about what we do so we can raise awareness, gather volunteers, and raise money for safe trail heads, parking lots, signs, and approve and build new trails.