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By: Shanti Lerner, Arizona Republic

Sometimes it takes bold action by one small group to improve the quality of life for the wider community. That’s the story of the Hawes Trail Alliance, a nonprofit organization formed in 2018 in partnership with Tonto National Forest to help maintain and expand the Hawes Trail, a vast recreational trail system in northeast Mesa.

The group is headed by founders Grant D. Taylor, Thomas Stapley, Crystal Petrocelli and Michael Norberg, all Mesa residents. Over the past three years it has built over 28 miles of new trails in the Hawes Trail System, maintained and upgraded 34 miles of existing trails and created new trailheads. Hundreds of volunteers have logged over 55,000 hours and raised over $350,000…..

Invitation Homes Sponsors HTA

“We are both ecstatic and grateful for Invitation Homes and their leadership team, to see the need and value of becoming a Title Sponsor of Hawes Trail Alliance. Invitation Homes is not only contributing significant funds to help build out the Master Trail Plan vision but also will be involving their employees and residents with the opportunity to individually give back to their community through service and volunteer workdays,” said Grant Taylor, chairman of the board for HTA…

Hawes Trail Alliance was formed in December 2018 and we’ve been on the go ever since! In just over two  years, we have created a Hawes Master Trail Plan, organized nearly 5,000 hours of volunteer time and raised  nearly $100,000 in donations. Today, HTA is excited to announce changes to its Board of Directors. As of  February 1, 2021, Crystal Petrocelli, became HTA’s newest Board of Directors member, joining the three  Founding Board Members, Michael Norberg, Tom Stapley and Grant Taylor. Additionally, Grant has been  appointed as Chairman of the Board. Grant has been the guiding force behind the 501 (c) organization and  the addition of Crystal will allow him to continue to keep HTA moving forward with its vision into the future. 

Crystal has been an integral part of HTA from its inception, serving on the Advisory Board in many capacities.  She brings added enthusiasm, local knowledge, and passion. Crystal will help manage and implement the  recently approved “Master Trail Plan” for Hawes with specific responsibilities over trail building, trail  maintenance and trail sustainability. She will be working closely with other key HTA Trail Advisory Board  Members and volunteers to create the best trail system in the state of Arizona. Crystal will also oversee  HTA’s social media presence with the assistance of other Advisory Board Members.  

HTA is fortunate to have so many dedicated volunteers and passionate supporters who have helped make Hawes better and better. A quick recap of some of what has been accomplished since HTA was formed:

  • 23 Total trails built rolling out 27.62 new miles of track!
  • We still plan to add over 7.2 miles across 8 different trails!

HTA continues to march forward with the implementation of the Master Plan, focusing on the buildout of the  remaining trails, trail and user safety, designated trailheads, real parking solutions, signage, trail  etiquette/awareness, and education.  

Lastly, we want to thank our army of volunteers and supporters who collectively donated almost $100,000 as  well as thousands of hours of time all during a pandemic! INCREDIBLE!!! It is our volunteers who not only  have helped start the construction and realization of this shared vision of the expanded and improved Hawes  Trails, but they have become part of something outside themselves, something greater; they have become  part of the HTA Family! They aren’t necessarily donors, as much as investors in The Hawes Trails. Thank you  for the blood, sweat, money, time, and efforts. This is the true magic of HTA.

“Life is an echo. What you send out comes back. What you sow you reap. What you give you get. What you see in others exists in you.” Zig Ziglar

Decemeber 2020 Trail Fundraiser

Our Goal $30,000


We Have Approved the Master Trail Plan!

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The Hawes Trail System offers some of Arizona's best trails for hiking, running, and mountain biking. The Hawes Trail Alliance is a non-profit organization that was formed to help maintain, enhance and expand the Hawes Trail System to be enjoyed by bikers, hikers, and all outdoor enthusiasts. So far we have helped the trail system grow and we have much more in the works!

Total Approved 25.2
Total Social 12.8
Total Proposed 16.7
Total Hawes Trail System Miles 54.7
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Nobody in The Hawes Trail Alliance is Paid for Their Work - We are all Volunteers!

Likewise, as you explore this website you will find that we are all volunteers. However, we love the Hawes Trail System we sometimes act like we get paid. Most of us use these trails more than once a week, therefore, they are a big part of our life. We want you to learn more about what we do so we can raise awareness, gather volunteers, and raise money for safe trail heads, parking lots, signs, and approve and build new trails. 

Business That Have Donated to HTA

Proud donation members of the HTA also own local businesses that we love to support and promote throughout our community of riders, runners, and trail enthusiasts. 

Some of the businesses that have donated are:

Invitation Homes- Check them out for local Home listings, home leases, and awesome communities across the Valley. 

PRI Graphics and Designs- Can help you with any screen printing, banner creating, and awesome graphic or logo branding!

Patriotic Roofing – This is a local roofing contractor with low competitive pricing and all the best quality roofing materials.

Two-Wheel Jones – Local Bike shop with the best bike products, and bike repair team in the valley. We couldn’t do this without their help and support. 

We are happy to support and promote your business with the help of some donations. Learn how to donate to your local community trails below.