About Us

Our Mission: The Hawes Trail Alliance is a non-profit organization that was formed to help maintain, enhance and expand the Hawes Trail System to be enjoyed by bikers, hikers, and all outdoor enthusiasts.


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Our story

We are a large group of volunteers who came together to create this non-porfit to maintain and build a better Trail Network. Our main goal is to protect the Hawes Environment open to the public. We want to stop the illegal trails from being built. We want to work with local Forest Service Officials and City planers to design a future plan that lasts!

Overall, HTA is trying to improve user connectivity and enjoyment by minimizing user conflicts.  HTA is constantly working on identifying and building sustainable trails for multiple skill levels to improve the socio-economic community values and outdoor adventures.

What We Do

Why We Formed

  • Develop a Master Plan to Eliminate Illegal Trail Building
  • Improve Trail Connectivity and User Enjoyment
  • Minimize User Conflicts
  • Provide Opportunities for Multiple Skill Levels
  • Build Socio-Economic Value for The Community
  • Address Needs Shown by Illegal User Created Trails
  • Identify More Projects to Implement Long Term Sustainability
  • Create and maintain a sustainable Trail System

What We Have Accomplished​

Since December of 2018, our team has worked hard to make Hawes a better place. We have worked with local legislatures, HOA’s, Community leaders, The National Forest Service, and Accomplished quite a bit!

  • Hawes Trail Alliance 501c4 filing in December 2018
  • 6 miles of NEW legal trails including:
    • Scorpion
    • Stinger loop
    • Scorpion Alley
  • Over 800 Volunteer Hours Logged
  • Scheduled Regular Trail Maintenance on every other Wednesday
  • Launched Social Media, and Website

Meet the Board

Grant Taylor

Founder of HTA

Grant is a Facilities Development Manager at Empire in Mesa Arizona. If you need to find him, just look for him on the  Podium at the Local MBAA Racing Events. Grant is one of the original co-founders of the HTA. 

Tommy Stapley

Founder of HTA

Tommy is Partner at Treehouse Group Companies. He always has the the lightest and newest bike  and enjoys those long Mountain Bike Races any normal person would hate. Tommy is one of the original co-founders of the HTA.

Michael Norberg

Founder of HTA

Mike is Partner at Cowley Norberg Investments and an avid Mountain Biker/ Group Photographer. If you are on the Hawes Trails You will know he is nearby when you hear laughing or an epic story being told. He is one of the original co-founders of the HTA.


JT Dirt Racing Team

Everyone Else

Volunteers & Support

We have a huge squad of capable and willing volunteers. We are all unique and have talents and skills we are using to make The Hawes Trails epic.

We are Mountain Bikers.

We are Trail Runners.

We are Horse Back Riders.

We are Hikers.

We are the Hawes Trail Alliance.