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By: Shanti Lerner, Arizona Republic

Sometimes it takes bold action by one small group to improve the quality of life for the wider community. That’s the story of the Hawes Trail Alliance, a nonprofit organization formed in 2018 in partnership with Tonto National Forest to help maintain and expand the Hawes Trail, a vast recreational trail system in northeast Mesa.

The group is headed by founders Grant D. Taylor, Thomas Stapley, Crystal Petrocelli and Michael Norberg, all Mesa residents. Over the past three years it has built over 28 miles of new trails in the Hawes Trail System, maintained and upgraded 34 miles of existing trails and created new trailheads. Hundreds of volunteers have logged over 55,000 hours and raised over $350,000…..

04/08/2021 - Hawes Trail Alliance Announces Partnership with Invitation Homes to Increase Access and Enjoyment of Sustainable Trails

Invitation Homes Sponsors HTA

“We are both ecstatic and grateful for Invitation Homes and their leadership team, to see the need and value of becoming a Title Sponsor of Hawes Trail Alliance. Invitation Homes is not only contributing significant funds to help build out the Master Trail Plan vision but also will be involving their employees and residents with the opportunity to individually give back to their community through service and volunteer workdays,” said Grant Taylor, chairman of the board for HTA…

02/08/2021 - Order a Hawes Trail Map Poster

Presenting the newest addition to your garage – the official Hawes Trail System map! Whoop!! Big thanks to @schillingsworth and Nicole Funicello for the heavy lifting on this project. The poster is available online or at @twowheeljones in Mesa. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Hawes Trail Alliance. Another enormous thank you goes out to PRI Graphics & Signs for printing the final product and handling the web ordering.

There are two versions of the map: one version has the trails colored by trail rating difficulty. The other map shows each trail with its own unique color. Four sizes are available on high-quality poster stock. There is also the option to have the map printed on 4mm corrugated plastic and three sizes are available for that option.

02/23/2021 - Hawes Trail Alliance – Formalize Board of Directors and Advisory Board Members

Crystal Petrocelli has been an integral part of HTA from its inception, serving on the Advisory Board in many capacities. She brings added enthusiasm, local knowledge, and passion. Crystal will help manage and implement the recently approved “Master Trail Plan” for Hawes with specific responsibilities over trail building, trail maintenance and trail sustainability. She will be working closely with other key HTA Trail Advisory Board Members and volunteers to create the best trail system in the state of Arizona…

12/1/2020 - Fundraiser - Paying Big Loops Trail Builders & Trail Machine to Finish Master Trail Plan.

Now that the Master Trail Plan has been approved, we have been raising money to help professional Trail Builders @bigloops to cut and dig the new trails. As a community we have come together to raise our $30,000 goal as well as a ton of volunteer hours to help along side. 

Our Goal $30,000

Huge shout out to @bigloopmaps for doing an exceptional job on the new trails!

12/1/2020 - Master Trail Plan is approved! Sign up to Help start Digging New Dirt!

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