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December 2020 Fundraising

Dear Friends,

2020 has been a year that nobody expected however it has been a year where many have taken the time to truly reflect on the things they are grateful for.  Here at HTA we too want to reflect on what we are grateful for – and maybe brag a little about what we have accomplished with your help.

  • Master trail plan approval – adding over 25 miles of approved trails.  The team at the Tonto National Forest is awesome and they recognized the need to expand, maintain, educate, and install signage by supporting HTA’s vision that was a direct result of the public’s feedback.  Let’s take a minute and reflect on how awesome to have accomplished this in less than 2 years – with all of your help, a dedicated advisory board and countless volunteer hours.

  • New trails – HTA recently completed one new trail, and one re-route in the system: High Ridge & Alp D Huez, creating a killer 2.7 mile loop with some great climbing and heart pumping downhill.  The next machine built trails will be Cactus Nectar, Iron Goat, Goat re-route and Red Mtn Rampage. We are simultaneously working on Bush Lite, a 3.5 mile trail that runs parallel with Bush Highway, and will truly be a signature trail for all of Hawes.  These trails are very different and will add to the already incredible trail system.  Who isn’t grateful for new trails, the ability to create new loops and routes – we are stoked.

In this season of gratitude & giving HTA has a small ask.  We are super lucky to have landed a professional trail builder, Big Loop Trails.  There is an opportunity to keep Big Loop Trails busy most of the winter right here in Hawes building the trails mentioned above for all to enjoy.  In order to make this happen HTA is looking for generous donations – any amount will help.  To encourage giving we will be designing a killer new zip hoodie, long sleeve t-shirt, and hat – call it a stocking stuffer.  Please donate generously if you are able. 

  • $25 Hat
  • $100  Hat & Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  • $250  (2)Hats, Long Sleeve T-Shirt, and Zip Hoodie
  • $500 (2) Hats, (2) Long Sleeve T-Shirts and Zip Hoodie

Designs will be unveiled soon. 

April 2020 Fundraising - Update We DID IT!!!!!

The Hawes Trail Alliance is in the process of raising $20,000 to fund the archeological studies needed to complete the Tonto National Forest approval process for the “Hawes Master Trail Plan” that will expand Trails, add parking, and improve the Hawes area for all users. 

This “Master” plan includes:

1. Adds over 26 miles of approved multi-use trails (essentially doubles the size of the current system)

2. Incorporates additional loops to help spread users around and alleviate congestion

3. Increased diversity of terrain to better address all skill levels of riders, hikers, runners, and walkers.

4. Designated, direct-access parking areas within the system to eliminate users need to cross highways or park in residential & commercial areas

5. Trailheads and signage throughout system to increase user safety and educate users on trail etiquette

6. Adding rollover gates!

Hawes Trail Alliance Master Plan Map!

How You can Help our Non-Profit

  1. Volunteer – Every Hour you spend with us (During Designated Times) working on the trails we can add an hourly wage to our trail fund.
  2. Participate in Meetings – We need ideas, opinions, and suggestions.
  3. Donate – Your Contributions will go a long way helping us Raise Money for 501c Non-Profit in Mesa, Az. 

Thank you

Thank you for your abundance of kindness and supreme generosity.

We are a local Non- Profit 501c4 in Arizona and our Tax ID is 83-3046224.

Accordingly, The Hawes Trail Alliance does not use or pay any of its board members or staffers. We all contribute our time without compensation and share the same passions for keeping this beautiful piece of land open for recreational use.

Fixing the Eroded Tracks

When you volunteer with us, we are allowed to document the hours recorded and turn those hours into money for our next project.

Adding Signs For Directions

Trail Heads & Signs

Currently, we have no official trail heads or parking lots to use these trails. Our priority is to make safe and convenient entrances to Hawes Trails without disrupting HOA's, City Lawes, or the environment.

Protecting Nature

When planning trails the environment has to be considered and approved for all types of animals and creatures alike.

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HTA is a Non-Profit 501-c in Arizona

"I always enjoy a good sesh at Hawes. The HTA is doing great things to keep this sacred ground open to the public."
Jeff Allen
JT Dirt Racing HR
“The HTA was formed just recently but has already accomplished so much. The trails look much more maintained and have been repaired in so many locations. Next we need safe parking lots!"
Todd Thorton

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We are all volunteers for the HTA and it is a no-profit organization in Mesa Arizona. We need your help to raise money to approve new trails, fund sustainable parking lots and trail heads in order to provide the best safe environment to support all trail users. We hope to see the trail system expand, and grow to a recreational masterpiece.

Want to Donate to a 501-c4 in Arizona?

You have come to the right place.

Luckily, we did some research and found out what a 501c4 is. Basically, a 501c is just a Tax code used by the IRS for a specific type of nonprofit organization. an organization must not be organized for profit and must be operated exclusively to promote social welfare. However, any contributions to 501(c)(4) organizations generally are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Lastly, your contributions may be deductible as trade or business expenses. As long as they are ordinary and necessary in the conduct of the taxpayer’s business. To end, please consult a tax professional if you want legit advice.